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Regardless of whether you arrive in the islands during the hot or cold season, the essential items you require are likely to be as follows:



Travel and accommodation documents

Cash and cards

Insurance documentation

Small backpack for water, towel, food, camera, etc.

Re-fillable, preferably recycled, water bottle

Dry Bag – if you plan on using day boats for outings

Camera and significant extra storage i.e., additional SD cards (preferably an underwater camera). Options here are limited and expensive

Sunhat with strap, as you’re going to be on the equator! Although, some prefer a sun umbrella as a cooler option

Sunglasses (polarized if spending a lot of time on the water)

Windbreaker/Light weight rain jacket, it can get cool in the mornings and out on a boat. Misty rain in the cold season and morning downpours in the hot season are common

Insect Repellent and Sunscreen, minimum 50 factor if you burn easily

Some lightweight, light coloured, breathable clothes, inc. shorts, t-shirts and longer garments to counter the mosquitos in the evenings!

Walking shoes/boots and comfortable sandals - some people bring the water-resistant type which are great for all tours

Essential medicines and toiletry kit

If you are diving/snorkelling

Bathing suit/s

Mask & snorkel

Perhaps an exposure suit lycra rash vest, neoprene skin, or similar - it’s easy to burn in/on the water

Perhaps also your full dive kit - but note all this gear can be rented once you’re here!

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