TOURS - Commercial land & water-based day-trips

Organised by professionals, with professionals, to improve the experience of a lifetime!

Our land and sea-based day trips can take you across wonderful Santa Cruz Island itself, where we are based, or far beyond to many of the surrounding islands that comprise our magnificent archipelago.

Whether you want to snorkel with the local sea life or marvel at tortoises or huge bird colonies, we can show you to the best the islands have to offer. Here’s a brief taster of the daytrips we can arrange, all perfect for the resting diver and non-diver alike.

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Bartolome Island

A wild and unearthly moon-scape-like lava landscape, with penguins and giant rocks. See the image to the right!

Floreana Island

Explore some of the finest snorkelling in the Galapagos. 

Highlands of Santa Cruz

Discover a truly beautiful place at which you can savour Galapagos verde. 

North Seymour Island

Experience one of the largest and most active sea bird breeding colonies in the islands. 

Santa Fe Island

Encounter the towering forests of giant cacti and the nearby land iguanas 

Plazas Island

Snorkle with sea lion colonies, enjoy the swallow-tailed gulls and other nesting species. 

Pinzon & La Fe beach

Wonderful, picturesque, and rich with opportunities to swim and snorkel.

Santa Fe & Playa Escondida

Fabulous swimming and snorkelling locations.

TOURS - Commercial multiday land & water based tours

Longer tours, to extend the experience of a lifetime!

Islands holidays to satisfy the travel aspirations of any customer! Many people wish to undertake extensive and integrated tours of the Galapagos - combining, for example, repetitive boat trips with hotel-based stopovers and specialist excursions. Our multiday tour packages are geared towards meeting the needs of such customers.

Here’s a brief taster of a multiday trips we can arrange, the itinerary can be adjusted to suit divers and non-divers alike.

Discover the best of Galapagos - 8 Days / 7 Nights.

This ‘Discovery’ package provides a wonderful taste of everything the islands have to offer. During your trip you will explore above and below the water and get close to many of the endemic species in the Galapagos. From your first day with giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island to your last with the boobies that live around Seymour Island and the volcanic landscapes of Bartolome.

Day 1

AM: Arrive Baltra airport and transfer to hotel on Santa Cruz Island
PM: Take a highland visit to our Tortoise Reserve with its Lava Tunnels, and to Los Gemelos, twin craters (sink holes) surrounded by Scalesia forest

Day 2

AM: Land tour to remote island, e.g., Santa Fe Island snorkel tour
PM: Free time to visit Tortuga Bay

Day 3

AM: Depart for Isla Isabela, 7am ferry
PM: Take the Las Tintoreras boat and snorkel tour, spotting white tip reef sharks, rays, sea lions and iguanas, blue footed boobies, pelicans and frigate birds, and Galápagos penguins

Day 4

AM: Take the Sierra Negra volcano tour, a guided bus trip and 2 hour walk up to the second largest crater in the world, some 1,490 meters above the sea level (last eruption, October 200). An 8km trail leads around the east side of the volcano to active fumaroles
PM: Free time

Day 5

AM: Depart Isabela 6am or 3pm/ return to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island
PM: Free Time to visit the Charles Darwin Centre

Day 6

Day Tour to Floreana, Pinzon, Seymore, or similar location (with diving or snorkelling included as is appropriate)

Day 7

Day Tour to North Seymour, Bartolome, (or Plazas or Santa Fe)

Day 8

Transfer to airport


The above package can be styled to suit every budget

This example tour includes:
Hotel in Santa Cruz & Isabela (7 nights)
Some meals
All transfers in Galapagos
All tours mentioned in the itinerary
This example tour excludes:
National Park entrance fee ($100 payable on arrival at Baltra airport)
Tourist card ($20 payable in airport in Quito or Guayaquil prior to outbound island flight)
Most evening meals

Day-tours verses multi-day activities?

We are regularly asked by visitors whether multi-day trips/cruises or day tours are the better option. The truth is both have a lot to offer.

The positive side of some cruise boats is that they take you to islands that cannot be visited during one-day tours. On the other hand, some day vessels visit the same sites as the cruise ships. Bear in mind also that when cruising, you are on a multiday break, so your trip has no set pause points while its ongoing and is perhaps more relaxing.
Day tours, on the other hand, are usually done by 5pm, so you’re back to your hotel each evening and able to stroll around the town to look for dinner and a drink. And, of course, if you are not naturally comfortable on a boat, you don’t feel awful throughout your whole trip!

The decision really depends on your viewpoint and your budget. Just bear in mind that the two options provide for very different experiences.