We love photos of the Galapagos, send us yours!

Set out below are a selection of photographs that we and our friends have taken while diving and travelling around the Galapagos Islands. We hope you enjoy them and can soon visit to capture your own images!

If you’d like to contribute to the gallery, please note that we will add your images under the terms of the Creative Commons license, ACC BY-SA (i.e., as per the license used by Wikipedia). If you would like to proceed, please email your work to us via: info@galapagosdiveacademy.com

We are especially grateful to the following for their contributions to the Gallery and the pictures used in this website:

Joshua Vela,
Naire Thanaporn Sajjavanij,
The Galapagos Dive Academy Team

Recent, mostly 2023, images (click to enlarge):

    Diver beside shoal of fish
    Colourful seaweed
    Diver taking photo of eagle ray
    Schooling hammerheads
    Saltwater iguana grazing underwater
    Diver taking a photo of a reef shark
    Divers on a submerged reef looking for sharks
    Turtle swimming
    School of eagle rays
    Ray near surface photographed against the sun
    Saltwater iguana grazing underwater
    Fish portrait
    Claudia teaching in the pool
    Local lobster
    Juan Carlos on board and setting up dive kit
    Student in the pool
    A local shark
    Tropical cloud formation
    GPS reading as vessel crosses the equator
    Returning from a liveaboard trip
    Saltwater iguana on land
    sunset across the water
    Tropical birds against the sky
    Local beach on San Cristobal island
    Remove dive location
    The fish market in Puerto Ayora
    Eagle rays
    Land iguana
    Saltwater iguana grazing underwater
    Arriving at Baltra airport
    Frigate bird overhead
    At the Saturday market in Puerto Ayora
    Student in the pool floating on BCD
    Student in the pool blowing air to make a ring
    Meditating underwater
    Saltwater iguana at Garrapatero Beach
    Sealion on rocks
    Saltwater iguana at Station beach
    Cactus flowers at night
    Local finch
     Ops - there goes Darwin's Arch!